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I never said I carry it in the saddle bag while riding, I said I store it there when going into a Federal Building or somewhere where they don't allow firearms. (See green text below from my previous post.) I carry appendix IWB while riding. At least the states that allow me to carry with my CA and AZ CCW permits. While on the last 3 cross country trips this last year and a half, There were some states that prohibited me from carrying at all. At the state line, I would break my gun down, store them in my saddle bags in parts, and lock all the parts up nice and safe. Next roadside rest or gas station in the next state, I would pull over and inconspicuously reassemble my gun and strap it back on till I got to the next super liberal state that wouldn't let me carry. I had to actually make a spreadsheet on my phone of which state I could carry in, and those that I couldn't! It was really nice to have that holster set up for that reason alone.

"Larry and Isabel at Captain Itch – Quality Motorcycle Leather Goods & Motorcycle Heat Shields – Quality Motorcycle Leather Goods used to make these before their shop caught fire and burned down. :( They still make some of their other leather products, but I wish they could get their molds back to make more of their saddle bag holsters. I carry IWB appendix, so it doesn't bother the wife, but sometimes it is nice to store my firearm and lock it up while going into a Federal Building, (where I used to wok), or something like that.

How secure does that holster stay while riding? Does it slowly get a little sloppy, or has it stayed put since you installed it?"
Becareful with that as well, states like NJ you can't even be in possesion of hollow point ammo.
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