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ask around your community for a reputable bike builder or shop that will have the know how to get them on the road and will give you a ballpark of their worth

Mr. Smoke, 43jenrose gave you the best response.

From a reseller's perspective, those bikes have very little value. They are not running, are not currently registered, and may or may not have clear titles. Most bike builders will not want to put their own time and money into something like that, hoping a buyer will come along. Money is made on project bikes like that, when someone comes in with money to pay the bike builder. You don't want to hear what I would pay for bikes like that as a reseller.

Value is in the eye of the beholder. Find the eye. Take tons of pictures out in daylight. Photograph everything on the bike 3 times, then choose the best photos. Put those bikes on eBay. eBay reaches potentially millions of users. You won't believe what people will buy on eBay, and what they will pay. Sell them for whatever the market will bear. If you hold on to them, without a clear plan on what you are going to do with them, you're losing storage space, time, and money.

You'll never get those sold with a "for sale" sign in front of your house. If a new or used dealer or shop agrees to consignment, they'll want a significant part of the sale for doing the work and handling the paperwork. They are also taking the chance on you leaving your bikes there, losing interest, and not returning to get them when they don't sell. The business pays rent for every square foot of space. Your bikes will be occupying square footage, which rent is paid for. It will cost the shop money to have your bikes sitting there.
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