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I want to add the custom dynamics taillight to my HDI fatbob '19.
CD customer service told me that international models wiring setup would only permit to be run/turn (plug and play) or run/brake (with an easy hardwire modification).

My fatbob comes with a rear LED turn signal which functions as run, brake, & turn behind an Amber colored lens.

It supposedly has a setup with separate run, brake, and turn signal circuits.
CD taillight requires brake and turn function to be on the same circuit, in order for the taillight to be run, brake, and turn.

He is a picture of my rear lights harness wiring. (Right is to the rear)

Is there any modification I can do to make the CD taillight to work as run/brake/turn just as my factory rear bullets?

Does anybody know if the Chrome Glow Solar Circuits can do the job?



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