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The thing is, is these guys are no slouches. They won a biker build off and have been on numerous magazines. Hell just last month they were on Iron Works mag and this month they are on 3 diff mags in Europe. I did not expect this crap from these guys. Sadly enough the entire motorcycle industry is full of story's just like mine.

I think that sometimes these guys are victims of their own success. That is where Orange County Customs is so successful. Say what you want about Paul Sr. he is obviously a business man. I bet when you order something from them you get it. These other companies are just not prepared financially and man power wise to meet the demands of the business they generate with thier design wins. Age old story. They need to learn to turn people away instead of disappoint them....worked for this little company with the letters HD in their name.

Just my thoughts on a POSSIBLE reason for your tribulations.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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