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Impress Plating Chrome Exchange

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I recently purchased a set of 2010-2013 street glide chrome exchange "flaws."

Let me be the first one to say that Impress Plating is awesome to deal with. The staff is quick to respond to e-mails and offered a very good price on the exchange wheels.

I also had bearings installed and they were done right. Everything bolted up perfect and there was no need to chase threads.

Now the "flaw" I think I found 1 little nick on the front rim and I couldn't find anything on the rear. The add stated that there was some very minor "pitting" from the original casting (I have trouble finding any) that must have been missed in their smoothing process and the wheels are still covered under their 2 year warranty.

These wheels look great. I will 100% buy again from Impress and if they offer a flaw set of forks I will be all over them.

Crappy cell phone pics but you get the idea...


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Good to know...I have a wheel I want done.
I had similar very positive results with American custom exhaust. My brother and I both bought their slightly blemishes mufflers and we had trouble finding any little scratches...great deal.
Nice to find quality vendors...
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