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so, I had a valve job put on my heads and went to a bigger cam, mind you, the motor already had 3k miles or so on the cylinder and pistons, I have the cylinders nikasil'd. well I found out the hard way that the plated cylinder isnt compatible with every type of oil, nikasil by make up is much harder than cast iron but also more slick, reducing friction, well, I put in klotz estorlin oil and immediately unseated my rings and started putting fuel in my lower end,

luckily i only put a few miles on and the problem was caught, quick spray down of the cylinders with carb and choke then wd40 (motor still assembled) and a turn over on compression check showed 210psi cold, however up and running once warm compression drops to 150psi

so I drained the oil and removed cylinders to inspect for damage, again luckily problem caught soon, only ruined the rings, so a new set of rings and quick hone of the cylinders and ill be back on the road

lesson learned
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