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Injury to Insult

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I was working in the garage and went up stairs to look for something in the office. I stopped in the kitchen to get a beer and heard a bang, bang down in the garage. I thought it odd, went to the bathroom and walked back down to the garage. I see a cover I have on my tool shelves was hanging weird and 2 big bicycle hooks laying on the floor next to my bike. As I bent over to pick up the hooks I saw 2 paint chips on the top of my front fender. BOOM I go red. Those hooks were sitting on top of my box of albums I had since the 70’s, when I pulled the cover back the box of albums were gone. So of all the tool boxes and power tools on those shelves and my albums on a space on the shelves too, they stole my album collection and scratched the paint on my Harley. I jumped on my bicycle and shot out of the garage and rode around the condo’s to see if I could find a tweeker walking with my records. I would have done bad things to this person had I found him, which I didn’t.

Now I’m looking for a touch-up bottle of paint- 2001 to 04 Luxury Rich Red. Harley want’s $35 bucks for a 1 oz bottle that will take weeks to order in. Does Auto Zone have a match or something like that? Maybe I’ll pull the side cover off and take it to the drug store and see if I can find some nail polish color match to touch up the chips.

Any thoughts or idea’s would be great. And yes, I’m putting a motion sensor in so when the garage door is open, it will sense someone coming in and ring the bell upstairs. I may leave some bait by putting my 8 track collection out in sight and sit in my truck across the street with my cross bow. I'll harpoon the punk in the garage, close the door and disappear his ass.
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Damn sorry to hear that. I leave my garage door open more often than I should. Has to be a local I would think, to know what they were going to grab that quick. I will be hoping bad things happen to them!
Hate hearing stuff like this. Makes my blood boil.
Damn. Stolen records?? Who would have thought. I would try your local DuPont paint supplier, maybe CarQuest, they have alot of the colors.
Sherwin Williams auto paint dote may have what you need.

Damn a thief...

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Dam i hate this crap. they musta knew exactly what they wanted witch means they have been there before and knew where it was. so u prob know who.
Nothing to offer on the paint question, however, regarding the stolen albums: check with all of the local pawn shops, music stores, flea markets, etc that would likely sell old record albums. Often these places will require the name of the individual who is trying to sell the item. With luck, the name will lead to someone. I would concentrate your search just within your area instead of the entire city. The person who took it probably won't be bright enough to take it across town to pawn. Best of luck with solving this and getting some justice.
That really sucks!!
I hate people these days...
dynaglydr.. try a good independent body shop, they can match paint perfectly. they matched a teal green for me.couldnt tell the difference.******
Hate to hear about these things happening, but I do hope to see a post soon that you caught the cretin responsible, and his mother won't recognize him for a month.
I had 2 Leonard Skynard albums... The one with flames on them... and the one without. I also had an album where Odis Redding came out on stage with Jimmy Hendrix and played 8 songs together. Oh and my first rock album I ever bought, Ted Nugent- Double Live Gonzo.
I'm 99.9 percent sure nobody had been there before and knew what they were going after, BUT they could have seen all the tools on the shelves when I had the tarp up while I was working in the garage. And damn had to be strong cause 150 albums ain't light.
Damn sad to hear that, I would watch the local Craigslist for your stuff.
There is a chance that they are stupid enough to list your items.
Nothing worse than thieves.

I am glad you didn't find them as you probably would have fared worse (leagally) when the police cleaned up the mess you made of them.

You might find them yet though.
Sorry to hear bout that dynaglydr.

Even though I live in a place where people stealing isn't a problem, I'm from a place where it was a big problem. Where I used to live it looked like a decent neighborhood but if kids left a bike or toys out...wouldn't be there next day.
So I keep everything shut even if I'm working in garage and go in the house for a few, wife says I'm nuts for it....like I said where I used to live has made me worry to dang much.

I just got a automatic electric garage door opener for the first time in my life, I keep remote for it on my bike. I have left a few times and forgot about shutting it and a few miles outta town turned around to double check...last time kids across the street were running away from my house and their old dog had not made it out of my driveway. They might not steal anything but I don't want them messin" around in there.

With the albums....I had a bunch just like you...I sold alot of them to a guy that has a local store and he sold them online??? So I hope you can track them down and the people who did this try to off them locally.....good luck!
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I hate a thief. sorry for your luck. I hope you find your things and the person that stole them.
Community Classifieds Sales

Try putting up a few "wanted" ads for some of the more rare albums to see if you can bait the fuggers. Just pose as someone looking to pay big for just a few of the titles, maybe they will fall for it. Also, if they did pawn the box, whoever bought it might respond and you can start tracking them down that way.
Was talking to my GF about this at dinner. We both concluded it must've been "an inside job." It makes zero sense for an everyday thief to bypass tools and go for old vinyl.

Hope you find 'em.
If you couldn't see the albums unless you were next to or opening the box. It absolutely had to be someone who knew they were there. Otherwise the tools, which are just as easy to sell, would have been taken. They would have had a car also or else you would have found an album or two on the ground somewhere in the neighborhood.
Sorry this happened.

An Indy painter told me once he could match the paint from the VIN. Don't know about Harleys though.
Liars, cheaters, and thieves, oh my! The punk will get his, maybe not today or tomorrow, but it's coming.
I wonder if this is how the IRS lost their records....

Too soon?
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