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2019 FLHC Softail. Replacing the stock Dunlop 401 130/90-16F|150/80-16R tires with MT90F|150/80R.
HD website implies the same size tube (Part Number) for OEM F/R Michelins and Dunlops.
Info found on the web indicates: MT90 tube=5.00/5.10, 150/80 tube=6.00/6.25
Finding a lot of "out of stock" items on the Web. May I use the same size F/R if necessary?
Any reason I can't turn a center valve rim band into a side valve rim band?
Is a "side valve" tube different from an "offset" tube?
Which valve stem, TR-4, TR-6?
Looking for something less expensive than "tire brand". Recommendations.

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