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With all the discussions about winterizing and starting our bikes up after a long winter, there's something that's not discussed or often ignored that could lead to a financial hardship.

Your drive belt and pulleys.

Despite your belt being Kevlar enforced, at times, a rock can get in those covers (for those that still have them) and get pushed through a belt, weakening it, or setting you up for a roadside adventure you're not going to enjoy.

As well, you also need to inspect your pulleys. Pulleys wear after a while, and teeth can become deformed, chipped and even "hooked" due to excessive wear, like a chain driven sprocket does. In oder to get long life from your belt, regular inspections of your pulleys is important as well.

This is an example of just a worn, 30K rear pulley (off my bike) where the teeth are starting to come apart, and a few have rock chips in them.

The teeth appear to be fine, shape wise, but the metal almost appears to be "delaminating" due to force, friction and heat. This was found when rotating the pulley and inspecting it, and was only in a short spot, normally not seen unless you're laying down, looking right at it.

Here's an example of a pulley that the teeth are starting to show "redistribution" of aluminum from one area of the teeth, to another, due to wear and force. This pulley is not only trash, but will also start wearing a belt and ruining the teeth.

This is a new, OEM pulley, with nice, rounded, smooth teeth, ready for a nother 30-50K.

Don't forget to inspect the teeth on your belt too, making sure there's no foriegn debris stuck in it, torn or missing teeth, or cracks in the belt.

FYI: I changed my belt in October 2007, after a stone pushed through the middle of it.

Belt: $165
Gasket kit for removing inner/outer primary: $67
Primary fluid: $8
Time invested: 3 hours.

More for a Softail, as the belt runs through the rear frame....

List price for a pulley, 70t x 1.5"wide: $172

All's not a total loss, as old pulleys can be used for various "things" as well.......:D Like a garage clock....

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