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Okay, after being a "Lurker" for several years, I was finally forced to join due to unforeseen circumstances. I had to ask for some help with a HD issue.

I hate that when that happens!

I'm an "Old Dude", a long-time Rider, like 50 years long. My first road scooter was an old, badly treated, 50's Triumph chopper that a neighbor gave to me because he couldn't keep it running. He told me that if I could get it going, it was mine.

I rode that bike all through high school, the girls loved it and my parents hated it. Wish I still had it. (Sigh)

I've owned many, many different bikes in the past and even now own several, but I've primarily ridden my faithful '91 FLHS since I bought it new way back when.

Scooters are the remedy for life's little irritations for me. I'm the poster boy for that "open road is tantamount to Church" thing. In a long and not uneventful life, riding motorcycles has won out as the prevailing passion.

The wife hates those winter months up here in Durango, CO. when riding is impossible. Not because she can't go out for a ride herself, (has her own Harley), but because I soon contract "Male PMS" in very short order if I can't go for a ride on a regular basis. Gets annoyed when she has to put up with the winter curmudgeon! (Turnabout is fair play I say!) Hah!

Riding season up here in the Rockies is unmatchable. There's nowhere else quite like it. Cool roads, great people, the scenery is magical and the BARS are absolutely excellent here!

Sue me if I jones for it in the winter!

I'm somewhat mechanically inclined so whenever possible, I do my own work. Anybody familiar with the early 90's FLHS will know that although you can just go out and buy damned near anything for a Soft tail, if you want similar doodads on an older HS, you're gonna have to make them yourself.

That which does not kill you.....

In any case, I'm here now so I suppose I'll be making noise here once in a while seein' as I went to all the trouble of signing up.
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Welcome aboard from Mississippi. Agree about the riding in Colorado. One of my favorite places.
Hey nice post!

and for the wise a$$ remark. . . . . Say Hi to Lash LaRue
Welcome from Virginia! The cure for your grumpiness is enjoying the zoo we have here.
Welcome to the Forum
Glad to see you 're not one of the 1 and done crowd
you'll like it here and you fit in
Welcome to the forums
Welcome from Kentucky. Our winters here aren't near as severe as yours; however, I also suffer from PMS (Parked Motorcycle Syndrome).

Beautiful country you live in. I've never ridden in CO but back when I was younger and liked the cold a lot more than I do now I did a number of backpacking trips to CO.
tell me how you feel about headlights....


Welcome from Va
Welcome from Ohio, great intro. I am sure that will make some people very happy.
Welcome to the Forum!
Welcome from NW Ohio never rode my bike there, yet,but have been there in the 70's in my 65 Barracuda. Estes park, Colorado Springs, spent a couple weeks hiking in Rocky Mountain national park,beautiful.
Welcome from Central NY, been to Colorado 6 times but always in a car. Its on my bucket list with the bike.
Welcome from Conway, SC. Nice intro! Been through Colorado way back in '73 on my old Honda scoot. Ur right, can't beat Colorado's roads for riding. Awesome scenery.
Great intro. Welcome.
Welcome from Grand Junction Colorado.
Welcome from Washington State, hope you enjoy the site... :cheers
1 - 20 of 23 Posts
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