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Hello all - So I'm goin to show my ignorance. I recently bought a replacement fender set off of ebay for my Sportster. My bike is a 2000 standard 883. The bike these were previously installed on was a 1999 1200 sportster custom. What's baffling me is my rear fender is about 7" wide. The fender from the set I bought is about 8.5" wide. It was apparently an aftermarket custom fender painted to match. The guy had pics of it on ebay and provided a decent description, including the fact that the rear fender was fatter than a stock fender, but when I went to install it on my bike, I just couldn't figure out how it would ever fit... It apeared to match up right where the frame comes back... Does it go on the outside maybe? I've put my bike back together so I'm not sure now. The ebay listing can still be seen by going to ebay and searching on item "120300957371". The sellers' description stated;
"This set is off a 1999 1200 Custom Sportster with 5,300 miles. The fenders and tank have never been hit or laid down. The rear fender is not the original sporster fender. It was put on and painted to the exact color as the factory tank and front fender including pin stripping. This rear fender is made to look like a fat boy fender and is wide enough to accomodate atleast a 180 tire kit..

My main conern at this point is I'd like to sell them to someone who can use them, if I can't, and recoup some of my $$$, but I dont want them to end up in the same boat as me. Would a 99 custom have a larger spread on the rear frame than a 2000 standard or am I just missing something??? I contacted the guy I bought them from and he siad he'd talk to his mechanic... so I guess he didn't install or remove them himself, but I've heard nothing back.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. THANKS!!!

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