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Some of you may know Darryl. The rest of you should.

Last year, Tailgunner and I went to Hot Springs for a gathering on another board.

Three days of great riding, friendship, a drink or two and some great eats.

Sunday morning we all get up to head for home and Tailgunner has the migraine from Hell. She can't even open her eyes, much less ride her Springer back to Belton.

Darryl comes from South Mississippi. He's driving his car because of a cager who raced him through an intersection. He's not riding right now because of the injuries and the legal battle costs.

But he is still a Rider and he won't miss the important things.

To make a long story short, Darryl drove back to Mississippi from Arkansas by way of Central Texas. I finally found a place to store her bike and headed home.

He had waited for me to get home because he couldn't leave her there alone in case she needed something.

Why? Because he's Darryl.

You know what I mean?
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