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Latest HD Recall on 2014 FLHTK(Sept 8, 2014) - Clutch Master Cylinder

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The latest recall announced by the MoCo on the 2014 FLHTK (and perhaps others) on September 8, 2014 involves the clutch master cylinder.

While a complete, detailed announcement has yet to be published on the HD website, a call to both the MoCo and the local dealer yielded these tidbits:

1. This is NOT a "Do Not Ride" recall.
2. It involves the clutch master cylinder, and requires the dealer to install a master cylinder rebuild kit.
3. Failure mode appears to be gradual degradation of the clutch (it will start to slip).
4. At this time, dealers have not received complete instructions regarding this recall.

I called my dealer...they have a small supply of the kits, so I made a service appointment for 10 days down the road; we both felt that they should likely have the complete inspection/repair instructions by then.

My dealer said that if I wanted to drop the Ultra Limited off before then, they would store it free of charge, as they know I travel quite a bit for work.

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Thank you!! I have not had a chance to call the local dealer on this... very little information shared officially so great that you got that from the dealer and shared it with the forum. :thumb

This is what comes up when I search via the HD site:

I only see these listed... nothing new so far at :


There is nothing documented in that recall:

And these are the previous recalls:

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Great info in your post. First I heard about a recall.

I called my dealer and they "sort of" knew about it. The service rep that I spoke to knew there was a recall but wasn't aware what procedure needed to be followed because my bike was going to be the first one.....uh, I don't think so. He said he'd speak to their service manager and call me back. He said they were just notified about the recall on 9/8 and have not yet received procedures form the moco yet.
From another forum:

Update - I picked up my bike today and recall has been fixed. It is the seal/plunger in the master cylinder that was replaced.....
Here you go:

Here is the recall info.

Harley Davidson Motor Co—2014 H-D FL Touring Hydraulic Clutch
PRA number: 2014/14315
Date published: 12th September 2014
Product information
Product description
Certain 2014 FLHTCU, FLHTCU TC, FLHTK, FLHTK SHRINE, FLHTP, FLHX, FLHX SHRINE, FLHXS, FLHTKSE and FLHRSE model motorcycles built 22103/2013 through 18/07/2014 (US) and 25103/2013 through 20108/2014 (outside US), equipped with original equipment Clutch Master Cylinders or Chrome Accessory Clutch Master Cylinders may have a condition affecting motor vehicle safety.
Identifying features
Recall campaign number: 0159
What are the defects?
These motorcycle models may develop a tear in the primary cup (seal) of their Hydraulic Clutch Master Cylinder piston.
What are the hazards?
If this condition occurs, the system may lose the ability to maintain enough lift to keep the clutch disengaged and if this condition remains undetected, it could allow the motorcycle to "creep" forward from a stop, which could lead to a loss of control of the vehicle possibly causing a crash.
Where the product was sold


Traders who sold this product
Harley Davidson dealers
Harley Davidson Motor Co
What should consumers do?
A letter will be sent to affected owners.

If the motorcycle is affected, dealers will replace the Clutch Master Cylinder Piston Assembly with replacement components provided in a kit specifically for this recall.
I think HD should give us owners of these Rushmore bikes a free additional year of warranty.
Got me on this one. Previous recalls had already been incorporated on my bike before I bought. Odd that there were two recalls on the hydraulic clutch, Harley has been putting them on bikes for a while now. You would think they had that all figured out.
My dealer called me and explained the recall to me. I set up the 1k and recall for Thursday.

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This is a great forum.
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