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Howdy all, yet again.....
So I have a 97 road king flhri.
Been researching my M&M injection and learning they ran it on the 2003 TC 88 cu in engine.
Would the 88 cu in bolt to my 5 speed transmission?
Just looking at engine upgrades for the future......
I could rebuild the 88 engine over the winter and have a replacement ready for when my engine has lost its "shine' and could be a "stock" upgrade for what Im running now.
I love the way my 80 cu in engine is performing now....but hp greed is always the plan for future project upgrades.
A 88 cu in starts at 67hp, add a better flowing air filter, cam and exhaust that helps air flow and I think I can bump it up to 80hp+.
Is my idea un do-able as far as a bolt in replacement? Not sure what is compatible with what I am working with.
Thanks all.

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