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lift table

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Has anybody used are have experience with the Pro1200 air lift. It looks like a good deal with lift, vise, rear tire drop out, roller insert, side and length extensions, and jack, manual and/or compressor operation for right at $1,000.
I also would be open to any recommendations on a lift table, not wanting to go much over a grand. cheaper is better, but I don't want a rickety peace of junk.
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I have the Harbor Freight lift. $299 on sale. Two years now, no problems. I did switch the vise out to a wheel chalk so I could handle everything myself.
i did the same with the harbor freight
same here with a hf lift - 300 plus 100 for a nice chock
HF lift for me too, just change the chock at the end and you're good to go
I really like the table lifts,but i am looking for a lift that can lift my 99 dyna and be able to adapt to the steel plate that those 88 tc. engines have on them. I hear that the J&S lifts are very nice,but can they be purchased model specific?

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Handy Lift is the best table, around 1100 for the cheapest one but it will handle any bike except a real long chopper. I've heard good things about J.& S. jacks, if a jack is what you want , it's around 500 . Keep in mind the price of our toys when looking at tables and jacks . I'm not putting a 25,000 dollar motorcycle on a 100 dollar jack !
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