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Lowering 883 gear ratio

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2004-up 883 Sportsters have different primary and secondary gearing than the factory 1200’s (final 4.07 [883] vs. 3.52 [1200], and it's recommended lowering the final drive gear ratio when converting an 883 to 1200, which is what I've done. My questions... has anyone out there changed gearing? Cost - for parts and labor? Can you go a bit lower than 3.52? Thanks in advance!
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If you leave it alone, you'll have a hell of a lot more acceleration than a factory 1200, it will turn over a bit faster on the highway, but not a problem. If you used Wesco pistons, and some other brands, which are lighter than factory, the vibration isn't even worse. If you want to change both the primary and secondary, the cost is pretty high, for what you get. My opinion, is leave it alone until you need new sprockets and belt, then investigate just changing the secondary. Leave the primary alone.
Thank you! I appreciate your reply. I used the 11.3 SE XL 1200 HiComp pistons, the SE CNC ported heads, the high-output cam for that compression, etc. Any more input on just changing the sprockets for some longer 'legs' on the highway? The bike has plenty of grunt, the way it is, right now. Thanks again!
I put a 32T on my 2004 883 and a bigger cam and aftermarket ignition with a set of drags and she screams ..its very nice at highway speeds I run about 80-125 with no problem
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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