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Lowering kit messin with shocks?

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So I bought my 09' ultra used from a dealership. My air shocks wouldn't hold air and I noticed that the bags have worn into the outsides of the shocks to the bare metal and seals. I took the bike back up to the dealership and the owner says he'll make it right. Anyway, I'm 6' and have never needed a lowering kit on a bike. When the mechanic and me was looking at them, he said there was an aftermarket lowering kit on the bike and that they were what caused the rubbing of the shocks. Has anyone ever had an issue with this? Just wondering as I may have them take the kit off to prevent future damage of new shocks.
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There are all sorts of "lowering kits" available. For what it's worth, most are junk! The only correct way to lower is with a shock/spring change. Even then you risk affecting the handling of the bike. Not surprised that using a "lowering kit" with air shocks was a disaster.
Well I'm having the shop take the lowering kit off and they are also gonna put new shocks on at no price to me.
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