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Lowering the front end

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Hey all, I added a 21" about 8 months ago and rode it since. Winter has come to us in northern Virginia and I've given thought to lowering the front end to take some of the space out of the forks. Anyone self installed a front end lowering kit on their touring bike? Difficulty level? I've been told that the inner fairing must come off of the bike...
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I would loosen the pinch clamps and slide the forks up as far as you can in the tree.

I think you will get about a 3/4 drop and still have full suspension travel.
Progressive Monotubes if your going to do it then might as well upgrade the suspension as well. really good purchase on my end. I feel a good amount of differance...
Lowered my 12 Street Glide with Burly slammers. Worked well. Easy to do. Just replace springs. Traded the SG but kept the springs.
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