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Manuals Needed

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Need manual/s for '99 883C (Custom). Dealer can't order.
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EBay or Amazon another Harley dealer
Do a interweb search
Stay away from the Clymer manuals. They are cheaper for a reason.
Need manual/s for '99 883C (Custom). Dealer can't order.
Your Dealer can order that manual, for whatever reason they just don't want to order it . :mad

Those manuals are printed to order . :thumbsup :)

Harley Davidson 99484-99 Service Manual - English

It's a special order item, from dealer. Heck, it's less than a current manual, but takes a week or so to be printed.
Just verified with some of the tools that I have at my disposal and that is a good part number just like has been said. If a dealer tells you that he cannot order it, he is lying. Just saying.
Click the link and you will be at the Order page. :banghead
Bought Owner's Manual and Harley Shop Manual on Ebay...recently.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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