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Mini Apes

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Is there a specific chrome mini, 10 or 12 inches that will bolt on a 05 Sportster using the stock riser
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I know there lots of assumptions but I know someone has to make one that doesn't require a new speedo housing and risers, Is there a kit?
My 05 XL 1200 C has mini apes on it, I'm assuming factory since they were on it when I got it. Plus I have seen several with the same bars.

I'll snap a few pics in the morning if ya need.
Mini apes will bolt right on, you don't need new risors or relocate your speedo. Just longer cables an wires. You don't say if it's a custom, that may be a little more challenging, but doable. Theres pics in my garage.
Bars are bars, you take the top clamp off and put a new set of bars on. As long as they are the right size ( 1 inch ) they will fit. What you will need is longer cables and wires. I went through Burly Brand for my 12 inch apes that are on top of the stock riser on my 02 sporty. Great instructions and great quality.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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