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Modifying the bagger front end

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After getting baited into a street race out in farm country well into the triple digits the RK front end showed it's weakness for that kind of riding.

Have since installed a "Race Tech" valve and spring upgrade weather got cold so quick never had a chance to dial in the valve.

Any of you modify these front ends for better handling besides different weight oil?
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My opinion. Take it one step at a time.
Wait and see how it handles with the current set-up. Then go from there.
Sometimes just throwing parts, all be it "performance" ones does not always improve things.
Two other suggestions....
Always remember, it is a Bagger. Frame changes have helped they come a long way regarding handling. But in the end, it is still a Bagger.
If you have to race, go Sportster or Dyna.
Final suggestion, quit taking the bait.
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