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Mustang Vintage Solo 14 SG question

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Anyone have the Mustang Vintage Solo 15" wide for 14 SG? Wanted to know if this will keep me the same as stock, drop me down, or push me back?

I have looked at some other solos and think this is the route I want to go. Any feed back would be great I do t want to be raised up.
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I don't have first hand experience with that specific Seat but my other three Mustang seat experiences say it will raise you slightly. I had a vintage wide on my Suzuki Boulevard and it was about a 1" raise but not change in front/back. The touring seats are also stiff and wide which can make it seem even taller when putting your feet down.

I've got a square back on my Switchback and my friend but a tripper on his softail slim. Both me and my friend felt not change in reach just the slight upward push. Hope it helps until someone can post info specific to your seat.
I ordered the seat guess I will find out this weekend how it looks and feels
I ordered the seat guess I will find out this weekend how it looks and feels
If it's anything like the Vintage Solo I have on my Dyna, you'll love it. I've never had the stock seat for my bike, but it does sit slightly higher than other solo seats I've had, but that's the trade off for true all day riding comfort. It doesn't sit me as far forward as a 2 up seat, and not as far back as other solos I've tried. For me, it's the perfect seat.

ETA: Just saw you already have it listed for sale in the classifieds lol.
Wife got me one for Christmas, she told me she ordered it.
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