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My bikes do gets names these days, usually not too creative though like the first two on this list. And not always by me, some have come from the mind of my Pretty Pillion.

My 2006 VMAX was simply named "Max". Max is the first brand new machine I have had. He was bike #26.
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Max died in Aug of 2009, a Colorado mountain reached out and smack the crap out of us.

Next up is "Blue", a 2002 Yamaha FZ-1: my rehabilitation bike after Max's demise. Pretty Pillion had just came into my life and thought the color was too beautiful not to commemorate it.
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Blue died in Aug of 2011 in Virginia when I met a White Tail fawn on a tight, wooded curve in Virginia one morning.

I decided to give Yamaha a break after two successive totalings. But, once my funding was sorted, Along came Brahma, a new 2014 Triumph Rocket III Touring. He even got his own name plate.
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Brahma has been a great work horse and now has 89K miles. He still pulls hard and pulls to take deep breaths of cold Virginia air. I start to fill the wind around the ton mark on those days riding to work in the winter, kind of a good tell to slow back down...

Then one day, while casually mentioning that I have never restored a bike while attending a bike party, a brother gave me one; a 1981 XS-650SH. Pretty Pillion named it "Rusty" for no particular reason I can find...
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Rusty went through a few months of title search before becoming my very own. Then after a year of tinkering, I had to accept that I do not have the tools, space or skill to restore a bike like this. That was not an easy thing to accept. But, I found a youngster who restores old muscle cars who wanted to try his luck on an old bike, so Rusty found a new home and is on the road today according to the kid.

A cousin of mine down in south Texas called me one night apologizing for dropping my next bike. He is 12 years my senior and becoming somewhat feeble. He said that when he realized he can no long hold the big Yamaha Stratoliner up, he needs to do away with it. I drove down from Virginia and got it the next week. Pretty Pillion said that it is as big as a battleship. Well, the bike is from a Japanese company and they had battleships once upon a time. It is a Yamaha Motor so "Yamato" it is.
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Yamato gave me 6K more miles of work horse duty before it developed a significant fuel issue that I cannot figure out. He sits on the bricks out back till a sell him off as is.

Because I failed to restore Rusty and he was now gone, I really did want an old bike to have around. A different youngster on the XS-650 forum put his 1982 daily rider up for sale. Over the past 1.5 years of forum time, this little brother had replaced many parts with sage advice from forum members. I kind of knew its most recent history and drove down to Richmond, VA and bought it. Pretty Pillion was driving behind me in her car on the way home and told me it sounds like a bunch of angry bees at highway speed. And to be honest, the high speed vibrations at 75 mph are significant. So, his name became "Buzzy"
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With Yamato offline by now with fueling issues, Buzzy became my daily rider as well, pulling every other day duty along side Brahma. Until one day last month when Buzzy suffered a complete ignition circuit failure. I have not got him back online yet, but seeing that his harness is 40 years old, I may as well replace the whole thing and start learning how to restore a bike after all...

And currently, there is "Rex" my new Road King. Rex is not too creative of a name but does seem to work well for us.
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Rex has just over 500 miles now and will get his break-in service shortly. The he will learn the ropes of being a workhorse too...

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Olive pearl Nightster, Greeny
Black Road King, Blacky
White Himalayan, Stormy.... bought her on a beautiful day and then it rained for what felt like a month.

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