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My soft tail

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So I sold my Sportster and got this Soft tail:biking:

I did a lot of work to my Sporty 1250 bigbore kit

But I got to say I love this soft tail...Its loud and Angry

I mite sale the rims there not really my cup of tea
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Nice , making it yours is the best part.
Looking good!
Beautiful bike , just needs some spokes ! Enjoy .
Ride Safe & Ride Righteous .
Nice bike, but I agree with "The Road" she needs some spokes. I can set you up with s shop than can get you into an Ultima 21" with 80 twisted spokes for less than 200.00 for the front. But the back needs a solid wheel.

The best part is making her yours, we'll be here for help when you need it and advice when you don't.
Just a FWIW. It`s Softail. One word. One "t".
:dunno Some people can be picky.
I don't really like spoke wheels to be honest

My boss at work said he has an extra set of wheels
Sweet! I like it.
Nice ride ! I don't care for my spokes either , I want to get one of the Harley cast wheels for mine.
Yeah I don't like the billet wheels on this bike

I live in San Francisco so its always foggy here and its my daily rider rain or shine..it gets dirty real quick and if I don't keep the wheels clean they look like shit.

Reason im going to sell them once I find out what kind of wheels my boss is going to give me.

And im taking the backrest off the bike as well
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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