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Need Advice - 2007 Dyna Screaming Eagle

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I'm new to HD. Just sold my GSXR and Vstar Custom to buy a 2007 Dyna Screaming Eagle with 25,000 miles on it. I've been working my ass off to get the money together and make a deal with a local used car dealer for a FXDSE that's sitting in his showroom. The styling of the bike is perfect for me, but I've run across the problems folks have with the '07-'08 110 CVO. The plain truth is I can't afford to buy a bike with problems. I don't know if the recall work has been done and now honestly I'm just a afraid to end up with a lemon.

I can really use the voice of experience here, to keep me from making a rookie mistake I can't afford to throw money at this.

p.s. I haven't ridden the bike, but it seems to idle a little rough (i'm not sure how it should idle)
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Please help a brother out :)
Make sure you ride it....
Second, pay an independent (Indy) mechanic familiar with Harley to give it a once over. If the dealer has an issue with that, WALK!

200.00 or so bucks is cheap insurance if you are really stretching your wallet that thin.
Drop by the New to the Community section and introduce yourself.

All the real mechanics here are either out riding or are asleep still.

Does it die at idle after being warmed up?
Sorry Link you weren't there when I was posting.
I know some 2007 models did have issues with the crank scissoring causing excess vibration. I would ride it and see, after 25,000 miles it should have come to light by now. My buddy had 2 cranks replaced under warranty on his 07 SE Road King and eventually had it welded.
Keep it coming.... I'm out of my depth here for sure.
Misinlink said it best. Take it to an independent mechanic.
You buy a home, you get a home inspection.
You buy a boat, you pay for a survey.

Find an "expert" in your area. New England is kinda vague... If you put us in your area, maybe we can point you to someone.

You made an effort to find help and advise, now it's on you. Someone knowledgeable needs to put eyeballs on the bike.
Get the serial number and call Harley to see what warranty was ever done on this bike. The rough idle could be assimple as replacing the plugs or installing a cheap tuner such as the V&H or superchips.
I'm in Connecticut near New Haven. I haven't had any luck looking for a local independent. I have the V.I.N. and I know where it was purchased. Think I can call them for the service records?
Start a thread asking about Indys in your area.
Someone will chime in...

You can put vin in the hd website I believe.
What you think may be a rough idle visually, is probably normal. All rubber mount Harley engines (Dyna's and Touring) look like they are going to jump out of the frame when idling. Smooths right out when underway. Same with sound, Harleys sound uneven when idling due to engine design.
I'm headed down to the car dealership today with a friend who builds customs to take the Dyna for a ride. Keeping my fingers crossed.

Thanks for all the input here. I'm sure if I buy this bike I be posting often with lots of rookie questions.
Look at Docs motorcycles in your area. I've never used them, but they havea good reputation as an indy.
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