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I am about to start a "bagger" project and I am looking for advice on which year and model I should look at ....and why!

What I'm thinking....
I think I am leaning at the Road King line....because not sure I need the full baggers...but I do like the Street Glide!?

I will be doing some customizing (stretch tank, clean up the rear end, etc). I will ride solo most of the time, but hopefully the wife will join sometimes. I am looking at doing some longer rides (the pro-street isn't as much fun on rides longer that a hour or two!)...but not going nuts...not going cross country! I would like a windshield some time, but not most of the time. ...will be looking at smoothing it out, and going long and low!

* Which model and why?
* What year (looking at used) in that model and why?
* What do think about wheel size...like going to a larger rear wheel..but not crazy! ...taller front!?
* Anything to watch out for on the used bike?

And, if you know anyone...I am looking to do a trade + cash for my custom show/magazine featured Pro-street (started life as a '05 Big Dog, Bull Dog model)....you can see photos @ zanikdesign.com, in the projects section. I can also email you a spec sheet.

Thanks in advance...and I look forward to being a very active member!
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