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Need help

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I took my 96 softail out this morning and it left me stranded the battery died I'm assuming I brang it home checked the battery the battery reads good (ohm meter) I have it charging now with a trickle charger and the light on the charger shows it's fully charged I made sure all terminals were tight I didn't see any corrosion, but I still have no power any ideas on what I can check under the seat there is 1 relay and like 4 fuse blocks ?
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Do you have any power at all? Lights, horn, etc..? If not maybe check the main fuse/circuit breaker.
I have no power everything is dead , where would the mail fuse be ?
Check under the seat near the battery. Don't remember he amperage rating, but, it will be a lot higher than the rest and more than likely by itself not in a fuse block.
Under the seat I see the box that has one relay and four fuse blocks the fuse blocks are all the same amps
It has been a long time since I looked at an older Softail. I thought there was like a 30 amp main breaker mounted under the seat or maybe along the side of the rear fender under the seat. It may have 2 threaded studs that the cables mount to. You are sure that your battery is taking a charge and that your cables are tight?
Ya cables are tight and the voltage is reading good
Well, from memory that's about all I can tell ya. Hopefully One of the more knowledgeable guys will come along and point you right to it. But, I think you gotta find that circuit breaker and verify it is good or not.
Do you have power at ignition switch? If power to switch, make sure it's got power to other posts. How do you check a battery with an ohm meter? I believe you meant multi meter.

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Thanks, buckshot85, fritz hd I haven't checked I'll check in the morning I didn't think to check there
I just got done checking to see if there is power at the switch and there is no power I'm not sure what else to check
I have not found a main fuse
I just took the battery out the positive cable and the negative cables look **** no corrosion the positive side down to the starter look nice and tight, does any one know what the relay controls under the seat
I have had battery cables that looked perfect actually be bad on the inside and it caused the same issue for me.

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I'll take the battery back out and maybe replace them hopefully they arnt to expensive
I'm with those saying look for the main fuse or circuit breaker. I think it's going to be a fuse, probably a 30 or 40 AMP.
I'll take the battery back out and maybe replace them hopefully they arnt to expensive
Might be late comment here on battery cables. Hook a meter to each end of cable after you take them off bike. See if continuity changes as you move them around by hand. :dunno
I had a problem with a bad ground connection at the battery once. Stopped to get gas and when I tried to start back up, everything was dead. Took some looking around and ended up cleaning up the ground at the battery. Everything looked okay but evidently there was enough of a patina/tarnish to keep it from getting a good connection. A good scraping and it has been good to go ever since.
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