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Need Repair Advice

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Hello all, trying to figure out how to fix this. One of my grandkids ran out of my garage and knocked over my 2004 softail FXSTI. Now I find that the shifter will only go into first and the half step up to neutral. The linkage bar that goes on top of the chain case hits the case and won't let the shifter move far enough to shift into the higher gears. I took the shift lever off and the linkage seemed to shift gears fine. From inspection it looks ok, though I didn't take a pic of it prior to the bike falling... so how do I fix this? please help!

Thanks all, i added some pictures of the shifter


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Photo would help, but it sounds like the arm on the linkage is bent. $15 part and a bit of a pain to get to.

It may be that the purpose of your life is to serve as a warning to others
Check all parts from shifter to shift linkage and both levers.

This will help you with the install of the new parts:

Hey guys, thanks... i also added a few pictures...
Looks like that inner arm on the shifter is bent pretty badly. It looks like it actually twisted. The eyelet on that inner arm of the lever should be parallel with linkage rod. I'd take it off and heat bend or hammer it back into shape . . . or replace it.

That rod looks a little bent as well, but it may work once you get everything clearing correctly.

It's not the most precisely operating piece of engineering in the world. If you get it beat back out fairly similar to how it was, it'll work.
Well the Grandkids need taught a lesson, you shouldn't ever have to mow the yard again, ......ever. As for the shifter I got nuthin that Chasarms and Chief didnt say.
Is your gandkid's name, Larry Csonka?? Wow!

Which part is bent? The linkage or the lever? If the linkage is bent, bend it back. If the lever is bent, bend it back. I may be wrong, but that's where I'd begin.
hahaha. Larry Csonka. I am betting most folks don't know who that is.
Great feedback and comments...
no, my grandson isn't Larry Csonka.. ole #39... but he is "active"! and hey, he wanted to be like his cool grandpa! Oh, by the way... i have some pics posted Mongo...so if you wanna take a look ...

Thanks again all and I will let you know the outcome...
hahaha. Larry Csonka. I am betting most folks don't know who that is.
He is from my neck of the woods. Going to get dangerous riding up here next week with all the football hall of fame stuff going on.

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I Agree looks like inner arm is bent or the whole asm . The shift linkage rod should run in a straight line from the front to the back check the rod to it could be bent a little . Remove front linkage heat and try straightening . reinstall and see what it looks like

Good luck Post results
Bend it back. Remind the kids how they damaged poppop's bike and guilt them into a lifetime of car washing and grass cutting.

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Your lucky, primary cover was not damaged. Before you take it apart, mark the toe shifter & shaft. Save time trying to eye ball the toe shifter back to same position on shaft. Only have to do it once.
no joy on repair with pictures

hey folks thanks for all the advice. I made the straightening and it still says the same problem is a three pictures so you can see where hits and if its straight enough. so I'm at a loss of what to do now other than take it to the shop.


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In first picture looks to be twisted? Buy a new one. Compare the two and try to match new one. You can always return new one.
Looks twisted to me , this is the part for an 01 FXSTI it looks the same p/n 33660-90B $80 at Surdyke.com .

Thats definatley twisted , about 45deg at the bottom by the pivot shaft , get a nice sized crescent wrench , tighten it on the lever and twist it back. It's pulling your shiftrod down and in towards the motor .

Here's a couple pic's of mine if it will help ,


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Definitely twisted, but it looks like twisting it straight wouldn't get you any more throw. Probably lower the front shifter a bit, though.

Unfortunately I think the tranny shift lever may have slipped on its splines. I hope not, but it's a possibility.
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