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New 2013 RK Classic in the garage!

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DH was burning a vacation day yesterday so we decided to go look at the new '15 models. Republic Harley in Sugarland, Tx has a huge showroom and we don't get to that side of town often so that's where we headed. Typical story...we had no intention of buying anything, we're both completely happy with our bikes. BUT a beautiful Ember Red/Merlot 2013 RK Classic sitting in the used bike area of the parking lot caught our attention. Rheinhardt dual pipes, SE heavy breather and lots of chrome made it really sweet. It also has a detachable luggage rack, the connectors for a tour pack if wanted later and a new Garmin Zumo 665 GPS. When the sales guy said it only had 5000 miles on it his ears perked up. Just for grins we had them run some numbers. After a bit of negotiation for extended and tire and wheel warranties as well as forward controls and a new seat, they actually got below the price we had in mind! They wanted a ridiculous price for new bars so we'll have our Indy guy do those ASAP.

We'll pick it up the first of next week.

There's a King in the house!
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Sweet! I miss my RK.
that is beautiful!
Congrats on the new King, and the reason why I think its a great lookin scoot, hum, lemme think.:D
Gorgeous, Dee! So happy for y'all.

Congrats on the new scooter.
Probably got the deep discount because it got wet at some point. :whistle

Just love those ads for bikes that claim "never been wet", like that justifies the inflated price they are asking.
Nice looking bike, I am sure you will enjoy it for a long time.

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Outstanding!!! That is a beautiful color combo!!! Congrats!

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Absolutely gorgeous.
Thanks, Guys! I knew ya'll would understand my excitement. I'm so glad he finally got a 'new' bike.
Wow!! Beautiful! Congrats!!
Very sharp!
I had an 05 RKC and loved it.
Awesome. 13 is a great year for RKC. ;)
Congratulations!!!Very nice!!! Love the color!!!
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