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In the past year or two, I had read about problems with late model touring bike front motor mounts. The motor mount (part number 16207-79B) would fall apart, leaving the bike with vibration issues. Many folks were having to have the mounts replaced more than once, even in as little as 4000-5000 miles.

As I prepared to convert my bike from a Police Electra Glide to a Road Glide in early 2006, HD came out with a new and supposedly better replacement (part number 16207-79C). HD started putting this new mount in baggers in the middle of the 2006 model year, and made the new mount available for installation in previous year models.

Since I was ordering parts from Zanotti's for the conversion, and the new part was available, I went ahead and ordered it. I didn't think that my old motor mount was bad, but I figured I would change it out when I did the conversion, to prevent a future problem. The new motor mount looks different, and is "thicker", with more rubber.

After I got my parts and while I was doing my RG conversion, I started reading about how people did not like the new motor mount. The complaints were that it caused way too much vibration. So...., I just left the old one in.

Fast forward to about a 6 weeks ago. I seemed to be sensing a little more front end vibration. Maybe my old motor mount was starting to go bad? I was scared of the new HD unit that I had, so I ordered the $20 knock-off from J&P. It looked just like the old (79-B) mount.

I put it in, following the procedure in the service manual, torqueing everything down according to the specs. Took a ride, and wow, vibration was much worse than before. :( Floorboards, mirrors, handle bars, worse at low rpm's, and smoothed out somewhat at speed. Even the fairing/windshield rattled at low rpms. Back to the drawing board (forums!).

I got on a couple of different forums and searched. I found alot of people who didn't like the new HD mount, but I found one or two folks who just tightened the main mount bolt hand tight, instead of torqueing it down.

So...., two weeks ago, put on the new HD (16207-79C) mount that I've had since March. I also put two large rubber washers (1/8 inch thick), one each between the mount and the frame, and between the mount and the bottom washer/nut. I figured a little more "cushion" might help. Instead of torqueing it down to spec, I did it hand tight, and then just a nudge to keep it snug.

Went for a ride, and viola, good as new! Floorboards, grips, mirrors, and fairing all quiet. :) Silky smooth (well at least cottony smooth, it's still a Harley, not a wing!). I will keep an eye on that main bolt to make sure it doesn't come loose.

A long story, I know, but maybe it will help someone who has switched or will switch to the new HD mount. If your 06 (second half?) or 07 bagger has more vibration than you want (or any year with the new mount), it may help to add a rubber washer or two and/or loosen the main mount bolt.

If you put the new one in, read the directions. It looks upside down when installed correctly, compared to the older one.

Ride safe.

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