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New bike

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Went for a better seat for my superglide and came out with a new seat with a ultra limited attached. Can't bear to part with my SuperGlide. Is there such a thing as too many bikes? Anyway I turned 60 today so I got it to travel while I can.
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My biggest fear of a touring bike is falling over and can't get back up. Any tricks or just brute force to right it.
I saw a 120 lb lady pick up a Ultra Classic in Daytona last year. It was a demo behind the HD dealer. I am sure there are video out there some where. Google it.
Plenty of videos showing small-statured women bikers picking up full-fairing touring rigs; it's all in the technique as the videos will show. As mentioned previously, google or youtube will provide plenty of this material. It certainly helped me as I was wise enough (rare for me) to have this down before I dropped my bike the first time in as gas station parking lot. Good luck and enjoy your Ultra; mine opened up a whole new chapter in my life as I put over 30K miles in 2.5 years since this kind of large touring bike makes eating the miles much more comfortable than a Dyna, in my humble opinion....
Congrats!!! You will enjoy it

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Nice bike
Congrats! Nice scoot. I predict that your Superglide will accumulate a lot of cobwebs.

As far as picking it up, the you tube videos suggested are good. And I note you have saddlebag guards. They are very helpful when you back up to your bike after a tipover and grab a saddlebag guard and a handlebar grip. All the work is done with your legs. Don't ask me how I know.
Congrats on your new bike, :biker:

The first thing I did after acquiring my FLHTK was review the how to pick up a dropped bike on youtube. :)
Thanks, I'll checkout the videos. I knew there had to be a way. Otherwise there would be a lot of bikes on their side forever.
Congrats....Love the color!
Just don't worry about dropping it, they feel and handle much lighter than they are.
I just went from a Dyna to an Ultra Classic. In my case the only change was getting used to backing up more weight and getting used to the fairing and teaching myself how to turn again. By that I mean how far I can lean before I scrape. You will love it I love mine did 800miles last weekend down to Panama City.
Congrats. A great new bike. I'm in the Houston area, and had the same fear till I dropped my Street Glide. Picked it right up. It really works.
I am traveling quite a bit these days for work, but would be willing to meet on an upcoming Saturday and share a few tips if needed. It is mastering the slow stuff. Send me an IM if interested. I even have the little orange cones from Walmart. Lol
Having a dyna and a bagger is such a great combo. Lucky! You have a bar hopper and a border charger!
Congratulations on the new bike. My step-son made the mistake of telling his wife she needed to get new tires on her car. She came home with a brand new Mustang! It's all I can do to walk out of the Harley dealer without buying a new one. They must be selling the crap out of the EG's and Street glides. Seems like everyone I see on the interstate are the new Rushmore bikes.
Congrats, real nice bike. Good decision on the superglide.
Sweet ride, congrats.


It's doubtful you'd ever have to lift a bike by yourself; there's usually a crowd around to watch you fall. Trust me on that.
Congratulations! You'll love it.

Get to a parking lot and practice. Don't worry about dropping it. Just pick it up
Nice bike, congrats.
Redman24. That would be great. I live in the Baytown area. Maybe we can get together sometime.
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