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Hi all,

I'm new to riding, this is my first ever bike and have only rode the shop rental during my training .

Juz got a new 2009 FLSTF, changed the pipes to V&H BSS and screaming eagle airfilter as well as the SE chip.

I've got a few questions :

1. When ever i engage a gear, whilst holding the clutch down, I feel a thud and can hear a thud sound, is this normal ?

2. When i accelerate from a low RPM, i feel the back of the bike pulling to one side ( right ) , is this normal ?

3. I'm riding in jakarta (Indonesia), a country where we rarely get up to 4th gear, due to the massive traffic, hence the riding will be a max of 200 to 300 kilometers a month, should i stick to the standard manual services of 1800KM (1000 Miles ) as the 1st services, or do it earlier ? considering the bike to be idling at stops more often than moving.

Sorry for the very basic questions, but am new here, issue 2 scared the hell out of me as i though i was about to fall.:faint


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Hey Neil,

Welcome to the forum.

Yes #1 is what people call the "Harley Clunk" and is perfectly normal.

#2 however is not normal but is it possible that your limited riding skills have something to do with it? I would have that checked out.

#3 is up for debate but seeing how you have a problem (#2) I would bring it in sooner.

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#1 is normal as long as it is shifting properly.

#2 is not normal except for the first 50KM. when tires are new.

#3 I myself would change engine oil and filter only at 800KM and all 3 cavities at 1,500KM.
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