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New Forum Member from Squamish, BC

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Greetings all, just wanted to say hi...

I'm a 40yr old first time owner of a Harley-Davidson (or any) motorcycle and figured I'd join a forum in my search for information to aid my quest to get it on the road as it requires a bit o work.
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Welcome aboard from Kentucky. 40 ain't too old to start--but it won't be long before you are trying to kick yourself in the a** for not starting sooner. Enjoy!
I believe you found the right place... Welcome from Eden nc

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Welcome from Virginia! Look forward to some Canadian ride reports!
Welcome to the Forum from Alberta by way of the Sunshine Coast, Sechelt.
P.S Watch out for the idiots on the sea to sky highway.
Welcome from the Black Hills of South Dakota.
Welcome to the forum from Virginia. Plenty of good folks and good information here.
Welcome from Conway, SC.
Welcome from College Station, TX.
Thanks all for the warm welcome!

Thanx for the tip oldredog, we don't call it the 'sea to die highway' around here for nothing... As a matter of fact the highway was just shut down over the weekend... Harley crash with fatalities :(
Welcome to the Forum from Oklahoma; SublimeDragon. Welcome to the dark side; Brother, it gets better from here on. Got to love that tree stump pulling power of a Harley-Davidson. Excellent, knowledgeable folks here with tons of information posted by people that have been there, done that & got the t-shirt.
Welcome from Kansas
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