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New HD saddlebag lights problem

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I bought the new rear lights that mount on the back of the saddlebags. They are the ones from Harley for my 14 FLHTK. The installation is simple enough as the harness just piggybacks off the rear tail light connection. However when I turn on the bike to test it the left one is solid bright, as if I had the brake on, and the right one functions normally. I went back to the dealer and tried 2 others and they all did the same thing. They were too busy to do any further diags with me though.

Someone said I might have to have the computer reflashed but it does not say anything about that in the instructions or I would have tried to have that done while I was there. Plus I would have thought they would have known that and told me.

Anyone else run into this yet?
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I put them on my Ultra 3 weeks ago and no issues and no reflash. They are very nice, if someone rear ends you nowthey need to loose there license for good, because they must be blind.
Put a volt meter on the pins in the tail light to see if the tail light housing was wired wrong from factory. Figure out which pins are giving you 12 volts and then reference that to your service manual to see if they are supposed to be 12V.

Whichever ones are not you can use your service manual to trace where the wires go. Then you can try to find where the added voltage is coming in. There could be a crossed wire somewhere in your tail light harness.
If these are LED lights, they have polarity. Can the plug be turned around on one side?
What year is your Ultra? My 14 is all computer controlled now. It is different from previous years.
These are quick disconnect connectors and they only go in one way.
Electra glo saddle bag light

I have a similar issue with my 2015 street glide. The right brake take 1-2 seconds to illuminate and the right turn signal work for about 4 flashes and then pause for a while before starting again. Everything worked fine after installing the lights??? Gonna see if I can get another module from the dealer.
Any solution yet? I put these on my 14 RK, and I get running lights and turn signals, but no brake lights.
Mine have been great. I did put some dialectic grease in the connectors. It sounds like you may be plugged into the wrong circuit
grrrr old thread
I just installed these, 03/25/2016 on my 2015 road king, you cant ask for nicer and brighter lights then these. My hd shop sold them for $179. instead of the $229 list after a little haggling on the price.


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I just installed these, 03/25/2016 on my 2015 road king, you cant ask for nicer and brighter lights then these. My hd shop sold them for $179. instead of the $229 list after a little haggling on the price.

I was going to install these but decided against it. My turn signals have been converted to LED running and brake lights, along with my taillight as well so I think I've got enough light back there.

Nice job on the price for them!!
Update: I decided to install the saddlebag lights anyway. I paid less than retail price for them so I was happy with that deal.

I bought the red lenses with chrome housing. The color of my RK is Mysterious Red Sunglo Here is how they look on my during the day when off:
Land vehicle Vehicle Sidecar Motor vehicle Car

Vehicle Car Automotive exterior Trunk

Here they are at night (I also have a Custom Dynamics Genesis II tail light and HD LED run/turn/brake turn signals):
Automotive lighting Light Headlamp Red Lighting

When using brake:
Red Light Automotive lighting Lighting Lens flare

From further away:
Red Automotive lighting Light Lighting Automotive tail & brake light

Further away when using brake:
Red Light Automotive lighting Room Magenta

I wouldn't say it's the coolest looking mod you can do, but I figured the safety is worth it. I have this thought that I'll never know if they do what they're designed to do because I won't know if they're the reason a car avoids me. However, I will know if they DON'T work cause I'll have a front bumper up my backside.

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Why does everyone cover there license plate when taking a picture?
Why does everyone cover there license plate when taking a picture?

I'd rather be safe than sorry. You never know these days...
Witness protection protocol
I installed these Harley Electra Glo LED Saddlebag Run/Brake/Turn Lamp - Chrome Housing/Red Lens Part Number 67800449A lights in July '15 on my '14 FLHTK.

August '16, left light intermittently has 3 of the 6 LED's go dim. Call dealership. "Lights over 1 year old by 3 1/2 weeks, sorry, nothing we can do" (except take another $229 out of my wallet for replacement set). Called Harley and begged for warranty replacement as I didn't know how long the light was acting up. I rarely see the back of my bike when riding it... "We'll help you out but you have to bring the bike to dealership for replacement". But I installed these myself, I said. "No matter, dealer must inspect for warranty replacement"....

Off to dealership which is about an hour away from me. Service guy finds bad connection where wire enters left light housing. $50 for 1/2 hour labor (labor not covered under warranty). I'm happy I didn't have to spend another $229 on a new set of lights. Wished they replaced the right light as well since it's now a year older than the left and they had to break up a complete kit to replace just the left light. I offered to purchase right light, but they couldn't sell it to me because paperwork didn't cover the right light....

Yesterday, (Sept 1st '16) right light intermittent on and off. Checked connector behind saddlebag. One of the contacts in the connector looks discolored (maybe heat burn due to bad connection?). Sprayed electrical contact cleaner in plug, and dielectric grease added. Problem resolved.

I put about 10,000 miles on the bike in those 14 months. Rarely (if ever) in the rain and the bike is in the garage 100% of time it's not being ridden.

Lights look great, but considering the issues I've had with these lights (just 13 and 14 months after installation) makes me question quality control and/or design of the construction and the circuit.

Would I buy them again? Yes. They look that good (IMO). Recommend you check them often and catch any issues before the 12 months runs out, and save your receipt! :)

One more item you may be interested in; if you do need to remove these lights for any reason (like before you trade in), you'll need to use mass quantity of denatured alcohol to soak the double-sided sticky tape to get them off your saddlebags. Use a Q-Tip to apply the alcohol between the chrome housing and the saddle bag. Don't allow the alcohol to get into the light LED area. Be patient and careful and use wooden ice pop sticks or abs plastic wedge of some sort to pry off the light so you don't scratch the paint or the chrome housing of the light.

Don't ride any faster than your angel can fly....
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Ok I just bought these for my 15' Ultra Limited. First I'll admit that most things electric are difficult for me. I haven't begun the install yet but in reading the instructions and looking at the pictures in the instructions compared to what I actually see under my seat it's difficult for me to figure out which connectors are which and where the controller module is supposed to be placed.
Are all the connectors supposed to be on top and visible?
I'm trying to avoid having my dealer install it because they quoted me $100 for the labor. I think that's crazy expensive just to plug in a few connectors so I'm going to try it myself.
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