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Since I spent a while living in Albuquerque when I was a kid and with my parents still living there, I have always thought this was appropriate during this time of the year:

It's Christmas in Albuquerque.
on the desert, there is snow!
Santa's sleigh circles high
while luminarias glow.
Posada pageants pass
under twinkling stars A caravan of decoration viewers
parade in their cars
tomorrow the biscochitos, posole and turkey;
can anything surpass Christmas in Albuquerque?
a red chili wreath is hung on the door
promising inside are warm people and more
the pinon pine makes a fine Christmas tree!
decorated with chili lights , it's a treat to see!
carolers sing and Shalako dancers twirl.
through the dark, crispy air
Comes an aroma to like
burning pinon branches
on a cold winter night
It's time for mass. The church bells toll.
the faithful gather to hear the greatest story retold
that warm, wonderful feeling
the sight and the sound;
of family and friends sharing
happiness they've found
and whether this Christmas is spent together
or far apart;
forever we carry Albuquerque and
each other in our heart.

Most Wanted
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Been through there many times, on bikes and in trucks. Great riding and great food.

The Black Knight
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Hey now.
I'm looking in to relocating from NJ to NM within the next 3 to 5 years, seriously.
If any of you could give me some insight as to how it is to live there I'd appreciate it, send me a 'private message' from the top right corner of the screen if you'd like. I work from home writing software so there are no job strings to worry about and it's just me and the wife now. I'm particularly interested in financial concerns as far as taxes and such go. I was born here in Jersey and don't particularly like the idea of spending my entire life here. Let me know if NM is a place to consider. I'm thinking southeast down by Carlsbad.

On a ride
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jestover... Seriously give NM consideration. Have crossed the border numerous times to ride NM. It is a place of diversity, scenery, and dry temps. The Carslbad area doesn't have the scenery or "enchantment" of elsewhere in NM, for it more closely resembles the flat shrubby terrain of west Texas, and the temps are toasty there, but the cost of living prices are also very moderate. If open to suggestions, and still thinking south New Mexico, take a look at the Silver City area on the southwest side. Beautiful, has services, moderate temps, much better riding, closer to "stuff", etc.

Vile Deplorable
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20 year NM resident here. I live on I-25 between Santa Fe & Las Vegas. Just got on a bike again after a 15 year hiatus.

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