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New old kid

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Hey to all,joining in from Maine and wishin that global warming stuff would kick in a bit early for us in the frozen north...looking forward to spring so I can enjoy my new to me ride,which I just picked up


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Welcome from Conway, SC. Nice looking scoot!
Nice Ride. I wouldn't mind a little global warming here in Syracuse either. Welcome to the forum.
Welcome from College Station, TX.
Hey Tmikex,are you familiar with a bar called Yankee's Tavern in your area I think its in Bryan...I just got back from the Dallas area where I bought my bike...long ride...Ron
welcome from Heavener, Olahoma.. gateway to the OUACHITA MOUNTAINS. ******
Welcome to the forum from New Hampshire...I would have said welcome neighbor but you have to be 5 hrs away, drove thru Patten once on my way to Ft Kent. Nice scoot
Welcome to the forum from Jenison, MI. I can see the grin on your face from here - nice ride!!
Welcome from Pa. Nice looking ride ya got there.
Welcome to the Forum!
Welcome from north Texas!
Welcome to the forum from N.Y.
1 - 20 of 25 Posts
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