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I'm from Sweden and rides an 2006 Deluxe. Got the bike in april and have put some 8000 miles on it.:ride That's a little bit less than average since I started to ride in the seventies.

I'll post som pics (and vids) from the ride, and rides later on. :)

Today was the first day it was snow :mad: on the ground when I woke up so now I'll have time to sort out the canned memories from the last season.

And Guys, Since english is not my native language, bear with me:notw:

Bernt The Swede
Bernt... So good to see you here. Everyone... Bernt brings much to hd-forums. You will see. Enjoy his personality, background, images/videos, and riding perspective from Sweden/Europe.

1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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