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new soft tail Airshocks- Shotgun

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I have a 1999 FLSTF and just replaced stock rear shocks last month with Shotgun airshocks.

Here's my opinion after a 3,000 return trip with these shocks.

After a 3 weeks very happy with new airshocks for softtail.
Lots of bagger "slammed" guys get airshocks for "wow" factor lol, I like them because they got rid of Ow! on potholes. I researched options for a year off and on and I'm happy with great improvement.

Had install done at mfg. shop in L.A. and that was interesting in itself. All CNC equipment, built in house and Owner J.D. and employees were great and pointed me to a great Independent motorcycle only tire and wheel shop at great price for next stop as noticed rear tire was ready to destruct.
J.D.'s shop looked great and reminded me how much I used to enjoy programing CNC equipment and fabrication projects.

I tested shocks on an logging road few days later. Considering it was a dirt bike road they held up great. I got front and rear wheel airborne a few times by mistake at low speed (15-30mph). Rear shocks worked great, I was more concerned with breaking front stock forks.
( after an hour surely the road will get better right? LOL)

Thanks J.D. for great product. Happy with improvement over stock and able to now easily adjust for load or road conditions.

To all you off the beaten path riders-
If your ever up near Fortuna Ca., think gee that coastal road south west out of Ferndale looks scenic.... it is, just plan on areas with 1/2 road has slid down the mountain, hours of 1st, 2nd, 1st, 2nd and occasional 3rd gear shifts. I would never do it 2 up riding and never on a Harley again lol.
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what did total price come to?
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