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New to the forum from Eastern NC

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I thought I would take a moment and introduce myself. I’m fairly new here and extremely new to motorcycles. Actually, I just finished the MSF class at New River Harley Davidson in Jacksonville, NC yesterday and got the motorcycle endorsement on my license this morning.
I purchased a 1999 Road Glide about a month ago down in Tallahassee, FL and rode it home last week. Let’s just say, that was an adventure. I love the bike and riding, but there are some mechanical/electrical issues to work through, which is partly the reason for my joining this forum. I’m going to try to do my own repairs, within reason.
Anyways, I like what I have seen here so far and hope to be able to learn something from other people’s experiences here. Thanks for keeping this up as a resource to riders of all experience levels! Have a great day and happy thanksgiving to everyone!
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Welcome from Oregon. Sound like you’re off on the right path, with the MSF class.
A factory service manual (HD) is needed for doing any of your own work, well worth the money.
Post a few pics of your ride too…
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