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Hello everyone. I am a brand new HD owner (just traded my brother my CJ-7 for his 2006 Street Bob) and am currently deployed to Afghanistan. I can't wait to get back and ride! This forum seems like a great place for information (I've been a huge information consumer in the jeep forums over the years and I'm glad to find the same kind of community amongst Harley owners).
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Welcome from Hudson, WI, and from another forum newbie. Thanks for your service!
Thanks for your service. Be safe. Welcome from New Hampshire
welcome from Nova Scotia
Welcome to the forum from Virginia. Plenty of good folks and good information here.
Welcome from SW Oklahoma! And thank you much for your service! Now hurry back safe and ride.....
Welcome from south Florida. Thank you for your service.

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Welcome from College Station, TX

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Sounds like a great trade :thumb
Welcome from Upstate NY, retired Army. THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE! Stay Safe.
Welcome from Ohio, thank you for your service. Get home safe and enjoy your ride.
Welcome to the forum and Thank You for your service!

Three Rivers TX
Welcome from Houston!
Welcome from Southern WV, and thanks for your service.
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