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Howdy All, new to the forum and not sure of all the rules yet. Hoping I can learn a few things, as well as, contribute from time to time. Last bike was an '06 Dyna Low Rider, current is a '09 Road King,...alot of difference (esp. the cruise control!), but both alot of fun. Just got back from a 3k+ mi. trip from So. CA to northern WA state and have realized that I'm not as young/fit as I think I am,....So, have placed a wanted add here for a backrest, then I think I'll be ready for 5k-6k+ mi. trip and beyond. Ride Safe Out There!,.....Hang
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Welcome from KY. Hope you find the right backrest to make those long trips more manageable. And just how did we ever get along without cruise control?
Thanks, 'L. Joe',..Man you sure got that right! Prior to having C'Control, I thought,.."who in the world would want C'Control on a bike,..whimps",...Well, I guess I am a 'whimp', because on the H'way for long periods (did a 10hr. day), you just don't feel as tired. Can't wait to see what kind of difference a backrest will do!!
Welcome from eden nc... The Harley adjustable backrest is the way to go

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Welcome from SW Oklahoma! Myself, still haven't ever rode a scoot with cc, and as far as a backrest is concerned other than the OL a rolled up sleeping bag has worked well for me....
Welcome to the forum from Virginia. Plenty of good folks and good information here.
Welcome from College Station, TX.

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Welcome from Conway, SC.
Welcome from Kansas
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