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I actually have a question. I just bought my first Harley, it's a 2010 flhx. I was wondering how high i can go with the handlebars without having to change all my cables? I'm 6'4 and i find the stock bars a little low.

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First off, welcome aboard.

10's is the highest you can go, without changing anything.

At 6'4", I would go 16's.
Hey...thanks for the welcome and the info, much appreciated.
Welcome to the forum!
As Stangs pointed out go with 16's. If your trying to save money by not having to change your cables your going to end up spending the money later when you figure out that 10"s just are not tall enough. Plus you would have spent extra on the bars that you'll end up not liking. One suggestion is to go to a bike night and see if there are any scooters with apes. Talk to the owners and see how they like there bars. Maybe someone will even let you sit on their scoot.
P.S what part of Canada are ya in?
Welcome from Ga. As stated, I think you're gonna want to go at least 14 or 16 with the apes.
Welcome from Oregon
Welcome from north Texas!
Welcome from Wisconsin
Welcome from Conway, SC.
Welcome from College Station, TX

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Welcome to the forum from Virginia. Plenty of good folks and good information here.

Another thing that can make a world of improvement is a different seat and floorboard extenders. The combination of the two can make your legs and hips feel more relaxed.
Welcome from Kansas.
My new ride, a 2006 Road King Classic, had 20 inch apes on it when I bought it and could not get use to the ride and the way it handled. Thought I wanted an eight or ten inch rise until I sat on a bike with twelve inch apes. Decided it felt the best. I am only six foot tall. I would also suggest setting on bikes with different heights.


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