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New to the group

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Don't remember if I introduced myself. New to the group and to this type of communication. One of the old school flip phone no social networking online type of guy.

Currently riding a 1996 HD motor trike conversion.
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Well darn, another flip-phone ******* from the swamp. Welcome aboard from another one via New Orleans, Lafayette, New Siberia, etc.
Welcome to the forum from N.Y.
Welcome from New Hampshire
Welcome from Oregon
Welcome from Virginia.
Welcome from St. Louis.
Welcome from Western North Carolina.

Resided in Lafayette for a while in the 80's, working offshore oil rigs.
Welcome from north Texas!
Welcome from College Station, TX.
Howdy hey from cali right dab in da middle
Welcome ! If'n ya'll is ole school , your in the majority .
Welcome from Wisconsin
Welcome from Waco, TX.
NWOHIO here Welcome,just graduated to smartphone,not to bad,lol!
1 - 20 of 26 Posts
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