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I live in Harrisburg, PA. The capitol. Originally from NYC, but relocated to PA at the end of 2001 after 9/11. I've been here since.

I began riding motorcycles at end of 2012 when I bought a 2007 Honda Shadow 750 Spirit. I put over 10,000 miles by the end of 2013. In March of 2014 I traded that for a 2004 XL1200 Sportster Roadster and have already put just under 10,000 on it.

Getting a Sportster was a dream I've had since I first saw one in a popular TV show of the late '60's, "Then Came Bronson."

Did I mention I just turned 60 years old in October? Looking forward to another 60 on Harley, ha!
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Welcome from Oregon
Welcome to the forum and congrats on the scooter.
Good intro. Welcome from Kansas
welcome from WV. lots of good info here mixed with the proper amount of B.S.
Welcome to the forum from New hampshire
Welcome from Wisconsin.
Welcome to the forums
Welcome to the forum from Virginia. Plenty of good folks and good information here.
Welcome from College Station, TX.
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