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New Tri Glide for me

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In about 5 more hrs I get to pick up my New 2014 Trike from our HD Dealer here in AZ. Can't wait to get my ass back on some leather again. Yahoooooooooooooooo:rofl:
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Lucky you Misfit, congrats on the new ride. Give us some feedback on it and pics of course.
Congrats on the new ride...my Miss Mysterious will be here in a couple of weeks...a solid 15 mysterious red...
Nice move! That should keep you in the wind for years to come.

Congrats! :thumb
Thanks Guys. It is a NICE ride :thumbsup :)
Thanks Guys. It is a NICE ride :thumbsup :)
Pic's we demand pic's . :thumbsup :thumbsup
I saw Misfit's new trike today and it's awesome. I did however think the truck balls hanging off of the back were just a little over the top?

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Congratulations. Enjoy the new ride!
Where are the pics?

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....... Here it is in all its Glory. Takin at night near the house.
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1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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