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New Wheel

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I bought myself a new front wheel for the Softail the other day and it finally arrived. It's an Ultima wheel with twisted spokes, I'm hoping to have it put on the bike at the same time as the Michelin Commander II's later this week.


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21 x 3" ???
21 x 3" ???
Nope, 21x2.15 with 3/4" bearings. It's what they told me I needed to replace the stock wheel.

I really hope it's not the wrong one, but when Dave makes a statement like that I worry.
I wasn't aware you had a 1997. They are correct: 3/4" non-sealed bearing, but a sealed conversion unit can be used as well.

21x2.15 is a stock size. Most guys go with a wider rim, (3") and go to a 120-70x21 tire for more contact, and a little more meat.

I wasn't aware you were simply doing a direct replacement with some added bling.... :D

I'll put up some pics once I get it mounted.
Someone told me that the twisted spokes have the chrome chip off after a short time, true or not?
Here's a pic of the wheel on the bike with the new Michelin Commander II. But I have a couple of questions.

1) Do the chromed twisted spokes have a problem with the chrome peeling/chipping off?

2) For some reason the wheel doesn't seem to spin as freely as it did, there seems to be some noise low grinding coming from the front brake pads. Which once again wasn't there before.


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See if you caliper pistons are returning all the way. I took mine off , put 2 wooden door shims in between the pads and squeezed the brake lever. Took a tooth brush and some brake clean to the exposed pistons and cleaned them up. Then just pounded the shims in to push the pistons back in the caliper.

You may have to repeat this a few times working the pistons in and out till they return like they should.

Does anyone have an answer about the chrome peeling or chipping off of the twisted spokes?
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