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Newbie with Softail indicator question

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Hi, new to the forum, the proud owner of a beautiful '07 Softail Classic. But - as we all know the indicators don't always self cancel.I don't particularly like taking my eyes off the road to look down at the tank indicator warning lights, anybody done any mods for something like 'bar mounted warning lights? Thanks for reading, ride safe!
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I've only ever heard of the signals not cancelling, if there was a problem with the TSSM (If security system is in place) or TSM (non-security unit) which both house the bank angle sensor. Or, it may be a faulty speed sensor or wiring.

Try removing and cleaning off the speed sensor in the trans and see if that makes a difference.

2002-up model years are almost flawless with cancelling.
Welcome from College Station, TX.

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It may be that you are just impatient. Depending on speed and how the bike moved during the manuver that needed the indicator, it can take several seconds for them to cancel.
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