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Newer rim / Older bike

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I've been reading a lot of posts regarding the versatility of ABS bearings and non-ABS bearings. I have a situation that throws an extra twist in there, and would like to know if anybody knows of a solution.

I have an '06 Electra Glide (non-ABS), and I bought and OEM take-off from a newer Harley (2010-2011), and it has ABS bearings in it. I thought I could just take the bearings out of my '06 and put them in the newer rim; but I'm finding out that aside from my bike having a 1" axle and the newer bearings having 25mm bearings, the widths of the bearings are also different. I thought I could just turn down the crush sleeve and be alright, but the bearing pocket in the hub of the wheel is too shallow on the left-hand side.

Please let me know if I've explained this well enough to understand, and please let me know if anyone has any helpful suggestions!
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Just buy the right bearings for your bike. There is aftermarket bearings for that conversion

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2010 rear wheel hub is too wide and won't fit a 2006 swingarm. Front wheel will work.

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FritzHD, do you know where I can find the aftermarket bearing for that conversion? I looked all over and couldn't find a 52mm OD bearing with a 1" ID, while being 15mm wide.

The problem is that a 25mm ID bearing is (one inch = 25.4 mm) smaller than your 1" axle.

It's also narrower.

The conversion bearing would have to be a 52 mm X 1" X 15mm, not the 3/4" bearing width that you currently have on your 1" wheel.

25mm ID bearings are only 15mm wide.

1" bearings are 3/4" wide.

The 2008-up rim bearing pockets are shallower. Won't accept the 3/4" wide bearing.

I've only found a 3/4" ID bearing to 25mm ID bearing conversion. Not gonna help with the 1' axle saddles on the lower forks.

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I put a 2011 18" air strike wheel on my 2002 using the 9247 1" double row bearings and my 1" axle. I used the 25mm inner spacer sleeve and made 2, 1 1/2"od x 1" id x .780" wide spacers to center the wheel. Installed new 11 1/2" rotors and bolted it on.
Install the primary (shallow bore) bearing first.
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