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Nicks, chips, and "HOW DID THAT GET THERE!"

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Hey There!!

I have a 2012 Harley 48 (orange tank and gloss black body). I have a small nick on my tank (orange), a small nick on my oil tank (black), a smear on my front fender from a leather fork back, and two spots on my back fender where a plastic dry bag rubbed on it.

I think most of this happened when i rode my bike from KC to Sturgis. I am not sure if the plastic/leather spots are from the pieces themselves or if they rubbed the gloss off. I tried to buff them out with a shammy and some Harley gloss.

For these and the nicks, does anyone know how to fix them? How do you repair these on your bikes?

Or should i just accept the fact im gonna have these on my bike...

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On the fenders, get some Meguiar's 205 Finishing Polish and use with an orbital buffer.

Use a clay bar first to remove any surface contaminants, else the dust etc will be moved around and ground into your paint.

For the tank, get some touchup paint, then:
1) Clay bar the area to get rid of any surface contaminants.
2) Fill the chip with touchup paint and let dry 24 hours.
For larger chips, several thin layers is better than one thick layer.
3) Wet sand the touchup paint even with the immediate area.
4) Use an orbital buffer to bring the shine back to the wet sanded area.
Start with Meguiars Ultra Finishing Polish, and finish up with Meguiars #3 Machine Glaze.
You may not even need the #3, Meguiar's 205 leaves a pretty shiny finish.
Thank you!!!! I'll let you know how that goes.
Thank you!!!! I'll let you know how that goes.
Yes please!! If it's not too much trouble, can you post before and after's? I'm also curious on this matter!
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