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Nolan N104 Evo Modular Helmet

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Nolan has taken one of our favorite modular helmets in the N104 and made it even better with the introduction of the N104 EVO. The Nolan N104 EVO carries over all your favorite features of the N104 but with improved technical features and comfort. What you'll notice most when wearing your new N104 EVO lid is better ventilation offering improved climate control in all riding conditions and a reduced "sail" effect when riding with the chin guard lifted thanks to better aerodynamics.

The Nolan N104 EVO has an intermediate oval shell shape and is available in solids and graphics with numerous color options including hi-viz yellow and hi-viz orange. These are not yet listed on our website but if you would like to order, please call Brad at 866.931.6644 ext. 810. Is email more convenient? Send us a message through this forum or write to us at FORUM at RIDERSDISCOUNT dot COM, and we'll get back to you right away!

Ventilation has been improved all around with upgraded vent sliders that offer a smoother actuation and better feedback with gloves on. Also note that the vents have been painted to match the shell color and no longer look to be an afterthought.

The chin guard release hasn't changed from the previous iteration and uses elliptical movement keeping the front surface area of the helmet to a minimum. Nolan also included a locking mechanism that allows the chin guard to lock in the upright position. Easily ride around the city with the chin guard in the upright position without worrying about it falling down.

Spring loaded anti-scratch anti-fog sun shield drops down via an easy to use lever and push button release mechanism on the left side of the lid. Inside you'll find the padding to be eyeglass wearing friendly and communication system compatible.

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